Travaux réalisés dans le cadre de l'enseignement de la littérature en langue étrangère.

Travaux réalisés par les élèves de Mme Berthou-Boucton

The bloody lovers

The Black Cat

Gothic literature

The tell tale heart




1ère L


As an introduction, the narrator tells us about his life, personality, feelings... He explains us about his passion for animals. He has actually a parrot, a dog, a rabbit, a goldfish, birds, a small monkey, and of course a cat whose name is Pluto.


Before he shark drinking, the narrator was a balanced man with a quiet and joyful life. But everything gets worsen as he starts abusing physically and verbally his wife and pets. One night, he comes home totally drunk and decides to cut his cat's eye out with a knife.


The morning after, he hangs Pluto from a tree of his garden, killing the cat. During the night, the house burns down, thus he loses all his money. On the next day, there is a crowd in his bedroom staring at his wall for an image of a gigantic cat with a rope around the neck has appeared. He also fancies that the neighbour tries to bother him by throwing the dead cat through his bedroom's window.


LEJET Jauffrey                                                                                                                                                     1°L

BARTH Hektor




The story is told in the first person by an anonymous man. He speaks about a rich old man; a very kind man loved by the narrator. But the narrator was scared by an eye of the old man (we don‘t know why). He thought that this eye was like a vulture eye. He adds with nervousness that his story is true, and that he isn‘t mad. 


For seven days, he came every night in the old man’s bedroom, in order to check if the old man’s eye was closed. He entered exactly at midnight. The narrator gives many examples to show that he is not crazy, such as the fact that he entered with a lot of caution not to wake the old man who was sleeping. He remained a few hours in the room because he was waiting for the old man to open his eye. 


1984 : a dystropian novel , par EMERY Elise, DOOSTERLINCK Justine, LUCAS Victor, THUMERELLE Orlane

Couverture du roman

1984 : a dystropian novel : BARRE Charlène, FOISSY Aymeric, LABORDE Juliette, ROUSSEL Mathilde

The Jean XXIII time : Clemence Voillot, Laurine Charbonneaux, Cecile Lazaro, Domitille Charvet

Winston was at work and something disturbed him. He had more and more information to distort. It seemed Eurasia was going to win the war. Was the system of Big Brother falling down? He was sure about nothing. But for a few days, he regularly crossed Julia in the corridor. Despite torture and brainwashing, he still loved Julia. Was it the same for her? What did she think about him now?

When he came back home, the first thing he did was to write in his diary what he lived that day. “I have been tortured for maybe a week, I lost the notion of time. I betrayed Julia. But there’s something I can’t understand… I still love her ! So why did I do that to her? I have to talk with her, I have to do it!”

A few days later, he crossed her again and gave her discreetly a little piece of paper. It was written: “We have to talk. Meet tonight at 3 a.m. in the park.”

At 3 o’clock, Winston was waiting for Julia on a bench, under a big tree with a lot of buds. This little detail shocked him. “Is it the nature rebirth?” Suddenly, Julia appeared from a bush. Winston’s heart started to beat quickly. She had red cheeks, her hair was shining under the light of the moon and her eyes troubled him. She came to him, and sat down on the bench. Nobody but the telescreen was talking. Winston started: “I betrayed you.” “I betrayed you too.” Julia answered. There was a big silence, and then they said together: “But I love you.” Winston looked Julia directly in her eyes and kissed her.

Afterwards, they heard a voice from the telescreen, but it wasn’t Big Brother’s, they didn’t recognize this voice. When they watched the screen, they saw Goldstein. He addressed these words to the population: “My friends, I have an important message for you. Big Brother’s party doesn’t exist anymore. Moreover, Big Brother himself doesn’t exist. This character was an idea of the Party in order to make people adopt the doctrine and obey Big Brother’s orders. All wars are over, I personally signed peace treaties. From now, I am the new leader of this country. And I need your help for the reconstruction of our land. I promise that torture and brainwashing are banished from here for ever. Now, we are all free and equal. And freedom begins with this first action.”

Right after this announcement, something strange happened, all the telescreens, which were supposed to be impossible to switch off, shut down. They looked the dawn get up. “A new life is starting now.” Winston thought.